Performance | Through body and sound horizons

Performance | Through body and sound horizons

Through the prism of performance, this project brings together two major artists from the young French art scene.

The bodies reveal themselves a multitude of faces. Through these changing states, the dialogue between the artist and the world takes place with the space's possible resonances. Lucie Antunes explores the sound while Yair Barelli praises dance. In this bodily elation, these two artists draw a visual grammar which moves in time throughout the appropriation of the place. Thus, the process of creation calls the public to release its senses and give themselves over to hypnotic sounds woven by the artist. In this uprising of artistic expression, the performance is much more than an exhibited art work or a unique piece, it offers the possibility of reading through the artist's point of view, this precious link which exists between visual arts and live arts in museum spaces.


Lucie Antunes

Drummer, percussionist and composer, she models a laboratory sound waves in resonance with the images of a society in constant mutation. Batteries, electrical sensors, found objects and traditional instruments all contribute to the composition of a deep and hypnotic music. Her performances are like a research on the intimate and hidden side of a being or an object. In an improvised polyphony, she reveals the cries of a magnetic memory. The audience is invited to wander around and listen to the echoes of this musical testimony in order to experiment the density of space.


Yair Barelli

The artist proposes a new performance as a research on the performer status and the dancer identity.This project takes the form of a solo originating from two experiences the artist encountered as a performer in a dance piece on Bach's Goldberg Variations with the composer Steve Paxton as well as a song performed in his collaboration with the choreographer Jérôme Bel.In lign with his previous works, this piece highlights the fundamental relationship between body and sound, dancer and music.

“ReActor” is an experimental performance brand founded by Power Station of Art at 2015. Since the 1960s, performing art has been experiencing the ideological domination of contemporary art in terms of concept and form, and there is also linguistic reorganization ongoing inside itself. Controversies over concepts including “daily behavior/performance”, “drama/theater”, “narration/non-narration”, “theater/non-theater” are accompanied by such a fact that we couldn’t find an appropriate existing word to describe many ongoing art practices. “Fusion” and “fission” are the ways of all kinds of energies being produced, meanwhile reflecting the formation and mutation of art concepts and means. From an atom to the Universe, “fusion” and “fission” could not only be presented as a long process, but also be just an instant. “Ju Lie (fusion-fission)” is concerned about the dynamic occurrence, indicating everything temporal, and emphasizing performance of experiences. The English translation “ReActor (an object containing both actions of fusion and fission)” implies “Ju Lie” would encourage the re-explanation of action and performance.

Graduated in History of art and theater, Mehdi Brit is a curator and a writer. He explores the links between immaterial traditions and contemporary forms, visual arts and performance art in contemporary fields. He works with a large number of French and international institutions: Astérides, Friche belle de mai (Marseille-European Capitale of Culture 2013), Centre Pompidou, Centquatre, Croatian Festival in France, Louis Vuitton Cultural Space, FIAC, Brownstone Foundation, Hôtel Particulier Montmartre, French Institute, Jeu de Paume Museum, Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, Hunting and Nature Museum, Pavé dans la mare, Printemps de Septembre, International Festival of art in Toulouse, Performa Biennal, Silencio, So Swiss: the performance scene in Switzerland, European Night of Museum, Imane Farès Gallery.

In 2010, he founded Revue Diapo, an online art magazine. In collaboration with Sandrine Meats, he published a book on the history of performance in France (Interviewer la Perfomance. Regards sur la scène française depuis 1960, 2014). Born in 1985, he lives in Paris.


17.12.2017 15:00


Goethe Institut China

Originality Square
798 Art District, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road
Chaoyang District

Chaoyang district, Beijing, Beijing


Phone : 010-5762 6166


16.12.2017 - 16.12.2017
15:15 - 16:00 1st show : Sound
16:15 - 17:00 2nd show : Body


Power Station of Art

200 Huayuangang Lu (near Miaojiang Lu)

Huangpu district, Shanghai, Shanghai


Phone : 02131108550


By Mehdi Brit
16.12.2017 13:30 - 16.12.2017 14:45


Power Station of Art

200 Huayuangang Lu (near Miaojiang Lu)

Huangpu district, Shanghai, Shanghai


Phone : 02131108550






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