French language in all its diversity

French language in all its diversity

Conference about changes in French language

A national awareness campaign for the French language, "Tell me 10 words" is organised every year around a theme intended to convey a message on French language. Ten words are chosen by various French-speaking countries : France, Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland and the International Organization of the Francophonie, which represents 80 states and governments. This year the operation "Tell me ten words ... in French language (s)" honors the diversity of French language, a language with a variety of expressions. French, one of the first world languages, spoken on five continents, shared by nearly 300 million people, is indeed known to adapt and enrich itself in the vicinity of other languages, other dialects.

For both external and internal reasons, languages are known to develop and are subject to change. Thus, there exist geographical variations. Raphael GRAND, correspondent for Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) in China, will show how French has evolved in Switzerland. Changes may also have a political and social dimension. By tracing the origins of slang, which consists in reversing the syllables of a word, Wang Yuanyuan, doctor in lettres and French teacher at the University of Shanghai International Studies, will answer the question: is slang a new phenomenon in cities?

A Q&R session will follow the conference.

Information about the speakers:

Wang Yuanyuan & Raphaël Grand

Wang Yuanyuan, docteur in lettres and sociolinguist teaches French in Shanghai University of International Studies. Her research focuses on  surbuban young people’s vernacular.

In 2011 Wang Yuanyuan received the annual Prize  awarded by Shanghai Education Committee for Best Thesis, for her Voyage in the land of verlan- sociolinguistic study surbuban young people’s vernacular.

Raphaël Grand started his career in journalism in 2007 at Rhône FM. After a series of documentaries abroad (Burkina Faso, Ghana, New Zealand), he joined the Swiss Radio Television in February 2011 and has been based in Shanghai since 2013 as SRT permanent special reporter in China.

In 2015 he obtained the Prize of Journalism for Public French-speaking Radios for his documentary  « The black girl » screened as part of a programme on China’s one-child policy decline.




Conference in partnership with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai


12.03.2016 14:30


Jifeng bookstore

1555 Huaihai Zhong Rd

Access : Metro line 10, Shanghai Library Station. The Jifeng bookshop is situated underground. Metro entrance 1.

Xuhui district, Shanghai, Shanghai







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