Light to Light

Light to Light

The exhibition « Light to Light » is a link, a joint between two worlds – or two ways of showing it.

The artists Gloria Castillo Magar and Jérémie Magar, mother and son, mirror their recent works and both study a repeated pattern in their own way : the landscapes of Southern France for the mother, elements of still life gathered on market stalls for the son.

Gloria Castillo Magar

In the repetition of her paintings, a light swing between reality and its interpretation creates strangeness, caracteristics to Gloria Castillo Magar’s works. Monotony of highways, changing skys, weak or dazzling light create variations of colors, falsely faithful to reality, and produce a non representative painting, simple reflect of an interior rythm.

Born in France of a spanish family, Gloria Castillo Magar graduated in art therapy and cultural management, and worked as a manager in various museums around Paris. In the meantime, she never stopped painting, and showed her works in the US, Italy, Spain and France. Her last exhibition was in the museum Jean Moulin, Paris.

Jérémie Magar

The silkscreen printing used by Jérémie Magar shows a perfectly flat, printed confrontation – like the space of a crash – by which the flattened pattern of still life is denied in its texture. The fruits, animals and pieces of torn organs become square patterns, repeated, extracted from reality to enter into the enjoyable chaos of representation.

Born in Paris, Jeremie finished his History studies in Spain, before going to the UK to study Fine Arts. Just graduated from the Saint Martin School in London, Jeremie shares his work between a plastic research anchored in his knowledge of modernity, as well as a video work oriented towards the (difficult) approach of the Other, his space and representation in our contemporary world.


02.07.2016 - 31.07.2016
Free entrance
Inauguration Cocktail : July 2, 2016 from 17 :00 to 21 :00


Aotu Studio

67 Beixinqiao Toutiao

Dongcheng district, Beijing, Beijing







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