Climate changes, Artists create

Climate changes, Artists create

The third edition of the Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment will take place this fall all around China. From 27th September to 27th October 2016, this transdisciplinary festival will feature 30 programs (exhibitions, films, concerts, workshops, and lecture-debates) in 25 Chinese cities.

The year 2016 marks a turning point for France, who have become a key player in global environmental challenges since the COP21 climate conference in Paris. Ahead of the G20 Summit, China, followed closely by the United States, was the first great power to sign the promulgation order allowing the ratification of the climate agreement adopted during the COP21 conference last December. It is a major step in the process initiated in Paris which aims at keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius and to drive efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.



On the 15th June, to consolidate its commitment to the fight against climate change, France signed the promulgation order allowing the ratification of the climate agreement.

The third edition of the Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment will take place from 27th September to 27th October 2016, featuring 30 programs (exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, artistic workshops, and lectures-debates) in 25 Chinese cities. Larger than previous editions, this new festival is inviting a variety of players committed to the environmental cause, including scientists, intellectuals, filmmakers, artists, political decision makers, and practitioners involved in environmental issues.

Biodiversity will be the theme of this third Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment. Like France, China – a ‘megadiverse’ country of many contrasts, whose geographic coverage extends from boreal regions to the tropics – has a biodiversity that is both uncommonly rich and under serious threat.

The festival’s central themes are the efficient management of resources, urban and rural biodiversity, protection of the environment and technological innovation, and the mobilisation of stakeholders and civil society. These will be approached from a range of perspectives and via various events aimed at informed and novice audiences alike. 

The program for the third Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment contains:

The 2016 edition of the festival will be supported by committed and influential Chinese public figures: the actress Tao Hong and the environmentalist Ma Jun.

Several programs from the festival will be livestreamed by NetEase and LeLive.

A photo contest is co-organized with NetEase News app, with a focus on the theme « The animals and plants surrounding us », accessible on this link: The winner will be rewarded during the premiere of Melanie Laurent’s film Tomorrow in Beijing on October 23, in the presence of Tao Hong! Everyone can participate until October 12 by posting on NetEase a photo of an animal or plant to show their commitment to nature and environment protection.






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