Ice Monument - Temporary installation by Liu Zhenchen

Ice Monument - Temporary installation by Liu Zhenchen

Ice Monument is a temporary installation made for the 2015 Nuit Blanche in Paris, an event celebrating contemporary art in several venues of the capital.

The installation questions the impact of climate change on the balance and the beauty of the planet that has been shaped by human beings. 270 blocks of ice, coloured with natural and edible vegetal pigments, inspired by flags, symbolise each country on the planet. As time passes, the ice melts and colours merge on the ground to form, in the style of a Chinese painting, an abstract work of art.
The work’s durability depends on the climate and the world. After a few hours, ten tons of ice melt then leaving a wide multi-coloured canvas.

Liu Zhenchen was born in 1976, in Shanghai. After studying painting and video at the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University, he moved to France and graduated from the National Studio of Contemporary Arts (Le Fresnoy) in 2007. Today, he lives and works between Paris and Shanghai. The encounter of visual arts and cinema covers an important part of his work where moving images are his means of expression as well as his artistic support. As an artist Liu Zhenchen focuses on urban subjects and the development of contemporary China. He has received a long list of awards and has presented his works on both film and visual arts platforms. In Paris, Liu Zhenchen has become influential in the artistic landscape. His works have been exhibited at the Grand Palais, at the Palais de Tokyo and at the Centre Pompidou where his video Under Construction, presented in 2007 during Temps d'Images festival, is included in the permanent collection.


02.10.2016 17:00
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Terrace by the Huangpu River (18 Gongping Road Hongkou District Shanghai)
Hongkou district, Shanghai, Shanghai