The house we live in

The house we live in

Situated between indie rock and orchestral music, poetry and science, Bravery in Battle get you to relive the epic journey towards environmental awareness via the musical testimonies of committed individuals. These cinema-concerts will take place in independent concert halls in several different cities. Meanwhile, in Beijing, Dulwich International School, in partnership with the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music, will also open its doors to the project.

This multimedia concert takes the form of an original film accompanied on stage by the project’s 14 musicians. The creation is brought to life by instrumental pieces and narrative sequences, based on interviews, that have been put to music. Convinced that beauty is the best way of examining our relationship with the world, the group’s music is powerful, melancholic, and flooded with melodies. Bravery in Battle’s largely instrumental songs blend acoustic (strings, brass, percussion) and heavily saturated sounds. Bravery in Battle do not believe that the boundaries are yet to be knocked down; rather, that they never existed in the first place.


About Bravery in Battle

The Bravery in Battle collective travels between classical, post-rock, repetitive, ambient and folk music. They recall Philip Glass and Arvo Pärt, and share the stage with a string quartet, a children’s choir and symphony orchestra, without ever losing their identity. Bravery in Battle think of their concerts as lingering, illuminating rituals. The individuality of each musician gives way to the power of the collective.


With the support of SACEM, l'Institut français and la ville de Paris.


23.10.2016 21:00


Dusk Dawn Club (DDC)

14 Shanlao Hutong

Dongcheng district, Beijing, Beijing


Phone : 010-6407 8969


19.10.2016 - 19.10.2016
Ticketing: - 150-1317-6640


SD Livehouse

Buiding N°7, Huancheng Wangshi, 132 Gongye Dadao Bei

Haizhu district, Guangzhou, Guangdong





Gongye district, Hangzhou, Zhejiang





Ola Art Space

3 Yangguang Road, Xuanwu District, Taiyanggong Plaza -1 floor

Xuanwu district, Nanjing, Jiangsu



12.10.2016 - 12.10.2016
851 Kaixuan Rd. Shanghai


Yu Yin Tang

851 Kaixuan Lu

Changning district, Shanghai, Shanghai


Phone : 021-52378662


18.10.2016 - 18.10.2016


Xiamen Real Live

60 Shapowei, Daxue Lu

Siming district, Xiamen, Fujian


Phone : 0592-2194660


15.10.2016 - 15.10.2016


Gebi Bar

Red House, 777 Nanmen St.

Yiwu district, Yiwu, Zhejiang


Phone : 15868954433