Lilian Thuram in Chine for the Francophonie Festival

Lilian Thuram in Chine for the Francophonie Festival

Picture : Lilian Thuram © Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP

Lilian Thuram holds the record for the number of times he was selected for the French men’s football team (142). He was named champion of the world alongside the team in 1998 and was acclaimed European champion in 2000 and runner up European champion in 2006.

A member of the Higher Council for Integration, he is know for his strong stance in favour of tolerance and education. He established the Lilian Thuram Foundation in 2008, tasked with combatting all forms of discrimination. He brings to China the Francophone message of openness, respect and mutual comprehension. From 19-27 March, he will speak to Chinese youth about his life in sports and his personal journey.

Born in Guadeloupe in 1972, Lilian Thuram had a prestigious career in international football, becoming world champion in 1998 and European champion in 2000. In 2008, he created the Lilian Thuram Foundation: Education against Racism. The core message of the foundation is that one is not born a racist, but becomes one. The foundation aims to show that racism is an objective intellectual construction. Throughout history, and from generation to generation, we have been conditioned to see people around us as blacks, whites, Maghrebis, Asians. Education can change this, and sport can too.


Following the screening of the Gabonese film, An African who wanted to fly, Lilian Thuram meets director Luc Bendza in the context of Francophonie. Born in Gabon in 1969, Luc Bendza arrived in Beijing at the age of 15, where, between the Shaolin monastery and the University of Sports in Beijing, he was trained in Kung-Fu and immersed in Chinese culture. Francophone as well as Sinophone, his life and professional success are signs of the flexibility of people to become what they want to become, and to resist racism and stereotypes wherever they appear.
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