Jin Xing, the 22th Francophonie Festival Ambassador

Jin Xing, the 22th Francophonie Festival Ambassador

Jing Xin is an icon in the Chinese society recognised as artist as well as an opinion leader. At a very young age, she danced for the People’s Liberation Army and will pursue an international education in the United States and in Europe where she will learn some French. She comes back to China in 1995 where she will lay the foundation of the first independent dance company : The Jin Xing Dance Theater. Since, her talent has conquered the hearts of a large public which can follow her on the Jing Xin show which draws weekly 100 million viewers.

Dear friends of the francophone world, 

Languages ​​illuminate the world and how we see ourselves and others. The French language has always welcomed me, and it represents to my mind an extraordinary window onto the world of francophone arts and culture. 

Just look at ballet for example : hearing the words pas de chat, balancés or échappé conjures up an entire world: beeswax on wooden floors, Degas’ trainee ballet dancers at the Opéra in Paris, the work of great Belgian choreographer Ann Teresa de Keersmaker. The French language contains treasures of history and its spirit is one not just of precision and rigour, but also of openness to the world. Speaking French means holding a key to the cultures and peoples of Africa, Asia, North America and, of course, Europe. That is why I want my children to be conversant in this language, rich in its diversity, its stories and its values. 

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join me in discovering this world during the 22nd annual Fete de la Francophonie. Being the patron of this festival is a great honor. I wish to share with you my love for French, a language filled with future promise that will never cease to surprise you. 

May I wish you all a wonderful festival ! 

A bientôt ! 

Jin Xing 







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