Food Design

Food Design

The exhibition Food Design is an encounter between eight French designers and three Chinese artists whose principal medium is food.

This juxtaposition of perspectives plays on our different eating habits, themselves linked to assumptions and questions about our own cultural and geographical sense of identity. At the individual level, our food constitutes what we are in the most direct sense. Whether we love or hate our meals, we ingest them every day because we need to eat to survive. On a social level, food reflects our behaviours, our ways of seeing, producing and consuming. It is simultaneously our landscape and our subsistence.

Food Design, a new approach to food seen through the conceptual processes of design, can be experienced in different ways: installation, performance, video, models etc. The projects are made up of varied collaborations with agro-industry, catering and chefs, events, luxury brands but also modern art and research. This exhibition thus provokes reflection on the way we think about the food of tomorrow.

The exhibition curator is the designer and lecturer Marc Bretillot. He is a pioneer of Food Design in Europe and has trained many of the main actors in this field in France.


11.04.2015 - 25.04.2015
Opening : 2015.04.11 PM


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