Maï Lucas – Kids

Maï Lucas – Kids

Maï Lucas photographs youth who plays, moves, and dances in streets throughout the world.

In preparation for this original exhibition, she undertook a several-week-long residency in China to meet and photograph young Chinese people and familiarize herself with their lifestyle.

Unique child, the heart of China

By Maï Lucas

During this first residence, I have observed and photographed young Chinese with as much honesty and sincerity as possible, detaching myself from preconceived ideas. Trying to paint a faithful portrait of the Chinese youth of today, how they are similar to young people everywhere and what characterises them.  

I looked their look, dress code, body language, relationships with each other and with their own identity? Is she already well aware, is she being conveyed by a world fashion movement, is she finally a point of reflection? 

It is important to look at the youth who will be the cement and the reflection of the future. I discovered extremely gentle and sensitive people and I was touched by the ambient kindness, a fresh creative, sensitive and totally globalised youth. In the air of time and far from a Chinese exoticism. 

The style of each one reflects their wishes and personality. Despite the existence of fashion codes, they have freedom to use them according to their own tastes and financial means. And again, there is not a youth but a multitude of young people with a multitude of stories. I hope through my images to pay homage to them. They are definitely young people of the world of tomorrow. 

Copyright : Maï Lucas

Maï Lucas, who is French but splits her time between France and the U.S., is a former assistant of Nick Knight who went on to become a photographer in her own right. A detailed observer of styles and garments, she lends her eye to these fashion details that together form a highly distinctive image.


05.05.2017 - 05.06.2017
Free entrance


Bubugao Meixi New City

1099 Fenglinsan lu Meixihu Guojixincheng

Yuelu district, Changsha, Hunan


Phone : 0731-83997565


13.05.2017 - 31.05.2017


Zinitang Loft / Guangzhou
Panyu district, Guangzhou, Guangdong



02.07.2017 - 31.08.2017


Yuan Xiao Cen Art Museum

26, Hong Ta Xi Lu, Dian Chi, Kunming

Xishan district, Kunming, Yunnan







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