L'amant | Isabelle Huppert reads Marguerite Duras

L'amant | Isabelle Huppert reads Marguerite Duras

Photo : Isabelle Huppert ©Carole Bellaiche

Indochina, 1930. The white and minor daughter of poor colonists meets a rich Chinese heir. The unpredictable encounter happens. And as desire is forbidden, it grows more intense. Their passion is a secret meant to haunt the work of one of the greatest authors of the century. 54 years later, Marguerite Duras publishes L’amant. Isabelle Huppert, France’s national treasure actress, revives its story on stage.

As soon as published in fall 1984, L’amant (The Lover) sells hundreds of thousands of copies: the intimate voice of Marguerite Duras had met her audience, and the prestigious Prix Goncourt will only confirm it.
L’amant is a wonderful story, which concentrates in a simple and moving form a lifelong experience. With Maguerite Duras, life and literature haunt each other, and both are haunted by her Indochinese childhood. In L’amant, it appears as if the writer, in the twilight of her life, would leaf through an old photo album. Her voice vibrates through the words written on the pages, and comments the images, as forgotten landscapes of the Mékong waters, of her mother’s house, are recollected. Together with landscapes silhouettes are brought back to life.  Amongst them, comes the one of the lover. Is name is never pronounced.
As unpredictable as the encounter of Titus and Berenice, was the encounter of the young girl, daughter of poor colonists, and the rich heir of a Chinese promoter. But it happened. Their two different worlds meet in the novel, at the door of the lovers’ room. Desir and passions are stronger, intensified by interdiction. It cannot last. But what they share before being separated survives the years as an unforgettable secret, meant to nourish one of the greatest voices the century.
Together with this performance a retrospective on Isabelle Huppert’s work will be presented.

Isabelle Huppert is France’s national treasure. She’s earned Best Actress awards twice at the Cannes Film Festival, at the Venice Film Festival (and a Special Golden Lion Award) as well as César Award. she’s also recently earned several awards for Elle : Gotham Award, Golden Globe, Spirit Award, César Award, Oscar nomination – best actress. In parallel with the cinema, Isabelle Huppert has pursued her theatrical career on all world stages.


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