Wang Yabin, dancer and choreographer, ambassador of Croisements Festival 2017

Wang Yabin, dancer and choreographer, ambassador of Croisements Festival 2017

Wang Yabin is a talented dancer and choreographer. Born in Tianjin, she began dancing aged 9. A graduate of the Beijing Dance Academy and Beijing Film Academy, she specialised in traditional Chinese dance, and also trained in ballet and contemporary dance.

In 2004, she performed a wonderful dance in Zhang Yimou’s House of Flying Daggers as actress Zhang Ziyi’s double. Winner of many competitive dance contests in China, she has also been invited to dance internationally. In 2009, she started her own dance company, Yabin Studio and produced a series called Yabin and friends, inviting Chinese and international choreographers to create a dance piece every year. In 2014, the Genesis tour, the 5th in the series, was very well received in France. In 2016, she was invited as choreographer into the heart of the prestigious English National Ballet.


Faguowenhua : Can you tell us about your relationship with France and French culture?

Wang Yabin : In the framework of artistic cooperation, I have made strong connections with French artists and from them I’ve learnt a lot about French culture. From my perspective, art can absolutely cross borders. Art is high intensity fusion, and an exchange of feelings and ideas. Art can transport thoughts. The very word France conjures up culture and the arts. France is a romantic country, elegant yet not lacking in dynamism. Between 2013 and 2015, I worked with many French artists in China. I also presented the Genesis project, commissioned in 2013 by Yabin Studio, in Paris, Dijon, and at the Montpellier Dance Festival. The show received a lot of media attention and a warm welcome from the public. Art has the ability to awaken everything that is beautiful, and brings talented people together.

Faguowenhua : Why did you agree to become an ambassador of the Croisements festival?

Wang Yabin : Genesis was a flagship project during the 50th anniversary year of Franco-Chinese relations in 2014. The tour met with great success and was seen as one of the most important cultural and artistic shows of the year by TimeOut Paris. My role as Croisements ambassador shows the influence of my work in bridging the dance cultures of our two countries. As ambassador, I will enjoy recommending quality works to art lovers and helping draw the Chinese public closer to culture so they can make new discoveries. I think that it is an excellent opportunity to promote artistic exchanges between France and China, and it is a great pleasure for me to make that contribution.

Faguowenhua : This year, major French contemporary dancers and choreographers (Dominique Mercy, Maud Le Pladec and Pierre Rigal) and foreigners working in France (Carolyn Carlson and Josef Nadj) will take part in the Croisements festival. Would you consider working with any of them in the future?

Wang Yabin : I know quite a bit about contemporary dance in France. With so many excellent choreographers and dance companies, I am sure that this year's programme will be spectacular. Artists invited to China, whether French or people working in France, all have very particular styles. The work of Pierre Rigal, for example, is full of imagination and reveals a very strong expressivity on stage. For me, seeing the performances of these artists is a bit like swimming in a new ocean. I hope to have the opportunity to deepen my collaboration with other French artists in the future.

Faguowenhua : In which hall or festival in France do you dream of presenting your work?

Wang Yabin : Théâtre de la Ville (City Theatre) in Paris. I have already shown my work at La Villette in Paris, as well as the Dijon Opera and the Opera Berlioz / Le Corum at Montpellier. 

The three "coups de coeur" of Wang Yabin

Contemporary dance :  Standards, Erection, Seeds, PoetryLittle Morning Psalm
From Monet to Soulages : Path of Modern Western Painting (1805-1975)
Valérie Belin  

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