Exhibition | Pierrick Sorin - A very fulfilled life 1992-2017

Exhibition | Pierrick Sorin - A very fulfilled life 1992-2017

A total of 19 perfectly representative works, created between 1992 and 2017, will be brought to the Chinese art public. Besides the very well known optical theaters, which are the signature works of the artist, the large-scale site specific creation “A very fulfilling life” will also be adapted to our spaces this time. This work marks a very meaningful turning point of the artist's career. In addition, the Hennessy 250th anniversary commissioned installation "Hennessy, from tradition to innovation”, as well as the hologram-installations such as “the Aquarium”, “A beautiful painting is behind you” and many other works, full of Sorin’s unexpected humor, will be shown in this exhibition. The audience can have a whole new immersive experience of these works and of the dynamic exhibition mobility, in the hope to renew their past audio-visual experience and get a profound feel of the artist’s powerfully expressive and straightforwards works, full of French humor, typical yet accessible to all.

One of the most crucial creation of the artist's career, the "Hennessy, from tradition to innovation”, commissioned by Hennessy for its 250th anniversary and inspired by his optical theater’s technique, represents an artist completely absorbed in the historical and cultural heritage of the brand’s cognac making art. Combining physical methods and 3D filming techniques, this film is completely built upon visual capabilities and thus perfectly contemporary. Sorin associates the latest visual technology with the tradition to conjure up a new experience of vision. On his miniature stages, he often casts a short film, with him personally playing all the characters, making up a fantastic and strange world, which is as well echoing with the historical aspects of the reality. From the Hennessy tasting session in the outer space, to a cabinet full of Hennessy handicrafts, Sorin blurs the frontier between tangible and intangible, but in a completely lighthearted and amusing way. During the exhibition, with the precious support from Hennessy, we will be able to enjoy the coincidence of the real Hennessy with the conceptual allusion to the crafts of Hennessy.

At the very beginning of his career, Pierrick Sorin has been known world-widely for his incomparable sense of humor, his meticulous elaboration of the work’s composition and plot, and his brave and unlimited self-reflexive sarcasm. As an artist, Sorin has his works exhibited and collected in many world's most influential museums and contemporary art institutions, including: the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Cartier Foundation in Paris, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Tate Modern in London, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, etc.. Also an active participant and a pioneer in commercial-relating projects, Sorin has so far collaborated with many famous brands in marketings, among which Chanel (in collaboration with the photographer Jean-Paul Goude), Cartier, Renault, Louis Vuitton, and the Galeries Lafayette, etc.. In addition to all that, he has also been a protagonist in many television productions and video directing, he also works constantly as stage director for the Opera de Paris, the Châtelet Theater in Paris and several other opera houses in Italy. It is worth mentioning as well that the city of Nantes in France will dedicate an exhibition hall in his name, which is expected to be open to the public in two years.

This retrospective of Pierrick Sorin is co-operation between Amy Li Gallery and Shenzhen Box Art Space. The exhibition will be touring to Shunde Box Art Museum as their grand opening exhibition in September, and to  Shenzhen Box Art Space in December.



05.08.2017 - 15.09.2017


Amy Li Gallery

No.54 Caochangdi 


Chaoyang district, Beijing, Beijing



28.09.2017 - 12.12.2017
Free entrance


Boxes Art Museum

Shunfeng Mountain Park (Southern door)

Shunde district, Shunde (Foshan), Guangdong







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