Jackie Chan, ambassador of the 4th Franco-Chinese Month of Environment

Jackie Chan, ambassador of the 4th Franco-Chinese Month of Environment

Jackie Chan needs no introduction. An international kung-fu superstar and world-famous actor, scenarist, producer and singer, he recently became the all-time youngest recipient of an Academy Honorary Award. He is also a tireless advocate for environmental protection, campaigning actively for water and food preservation, selective waste sorting and a reduction of energy consumption.

In 2003, he was named Vice-President of the Chinese Environmental Culture Promotion Association, in recognition of his outstanding efforts to raise public awareness on ecology. Since 2016, Jackie Chan has been setting up exhibitions to showcase artworks produced from recycled cinematographic devices, in order to create interest on recycling and sustainable development. In 2017, he launches the You are my green heroes project, and produces a documentary series on inventive and eco-friendly initiatives to improve our daily lives. This project, aiming to build a green momentum and encourage innovation towards environmental preservation, has helped raise awareness about ecological issues in China and abroad, and inspired many people to commit to the defense of the environment through participative actions.

Faguowenhua : Why have you agreed to become the spokesperson of the Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment? 

Jackie Chan : I have a special bond with France. I have been in the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong almost from the day I was born. By the time I was 3, I was already speaking French fluently! (Laugh) One of my movies, Chinese Zodiac, was also shot in France. I feel very close to this country and cherish my ties to it. 

It is a great pleasure to be the guest of the Embassy of France in China as the patron of this year’s edition of the Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment. I have a long-standing commitment to environmental protection, but the energy of one man alone is almost bound to prove insufficient. We need to rally together all the citizens and take charge to tackle the environmental issue. I am glad to be the patron of this 4th edition of the Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment and to be in a position to call on a lot of people to join our cause. 


Faguowenhua : If you could advise us to take 5 actions, what would they be? 

Jackie Chan :

  1. Save water ; 
  2. Sort our waste ; 
  3. Use eco-friendly vehicles ;  
  4. Reduce our energy consumption (for example, by turning off the light or the air conditioning when we don’t need them) ; 
  5. Combat food waste. 







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